Why you might need an ophthalmologist

Why you might need an ophthalmologist

Good vision is key to our lives. For us to have good vision, our eyes need to be taken care of. However, one may encounter eye problems where we may need to go for eye surgery, require glasses or contacts. We will, therefore, need to visit an ophthalmologist. This branch may be a stepping stone to saving you from losing your sight. We offer you Ophthalmology services that will help save your sight in case you get any eye-related problem. Some of the diseases that we cover include:


This is a clouding of the clear lens of the eye. It makes seeing hard. Reading at night becomes difficult. Cataracts usually develop slowly but, with time, they start affecting your vision. Stronger eyeglasses can be of great help when it comes to dealing of cataracts. Management of cataracts in adults and children is quite different. In children, cataracts can be part of the multi-system or genetic disorders may be associated also with other eye abnormalities. If impaired vision with time starts interfering with the normal individual’s activities, carrying out a cataract surgery will be important. We perform this surgery quite well to ensure your eye lens is replaced with utmost care with an artificial lens.

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Retinal detachment

The only treatment there is for this is surgery so as to prevent vision loss and to reattach the retina. When the retina loses contact with the layers supporting it, your vision starts to get worse.  A surgery, therefore, needs to be carried out quickly to prevent vision loss. This can only be done by an ophthalmologist.


This a condition which causes damage to the eye’s optic nerve and with time, it gets worse. There is increased vision intraocular pressure that damages the nerve transmitting images to the brain. If this damage of the nerve continues, permanent vision loss will occur. Within a few years, total blindness will occur to the patient.

Orbital Surgery

Surgery of the eye socket needs high specialization in the field of ophthalmology. This includes the removal of tumors affecting the orbit, orbital decompression and also repairing the fractures of the orbit.

Corneal pathology

Sometimes the cornea may be affected by a disease.  Damage to the cornea is dangerous and needs to be treated as quickly as possible. This can be carried out through a cornea transplant. The type of transplant will depend on the part of the cornea which has been damaged. It can either be, replace the back layers of the cornea, full cornea transplant or replacement of the middle part of the cornea.

Ophthalmological Surgeries have benefited our patients quite well. We ensure that everyone who comes to us gets quality service in order to restore normal vision. Our services are always successful and therefore anybody with an eye problem will be satisfied with our services.

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