Why Every Business Owner Needs To Care About Parking

Why Every Business Owner Needs To Care About Parking

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As mundane as the topic may sound, if you’re the owner of a store, retail facility, bar/restaurant or almost any business that requires your suppliers, customers or clients to visit in person, you’ll be aware that the provision of a properly designated, safe parking zone is crucial for the harmonious and successful running of your business.

No parking zones and disability parking areas also need to be clearly marked if you are to avoid causing annoyance and inconvenience to your important and valued visitors.

While it is true that a small proportion of your visitors may for selfish reasons choose willfully to ignore any signs or instructions that don’t suit them, many disputes are caused by inadequate or confusing signage.

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So as a business owner, it is very much in your interests to ensure that all your parking signage is clearly visible, easily legible and unambiguously worded.

This doesn’t just mean using large signs with bold text print which contrasts sharply with the background. Any images, diagrams or vectors used should be easy to understand and all signs should be carefully positioned for maximum visibility and driver benefit. Plants or trees that may obscure signage should be trimmed as part of your routine maintenance program.


The National Safety Council reported in 2016 that more than 50,000 accidents, 5,000 fatalities and 60,000 injuries happen annually in US parking areas.

While safety within a parking zone or lot remains primarily the responsibility of drivers and pedestrians, the provision of warning and reminder signage can be of considerable assistance in reducing the risk of accidents.

Parking Products

Fortunately, whether you have a permanent parking zone or need to create one for a temporary event or promotion, a wide range of products is now available to help you.

Depending on your particular needs, these may include:-

  • Signs – for example, “Employee Parking Only”, “Customer Parking Only”, “No Parking”, “Reserved Parking”, “Disability Parking Only”
  • Cones and Barriers – especially suitable for temporary parking zones for events or construction areas
  • Bollards and delineators – may be used to form permanent or temporary barriers to prevent vehicles entering except through designated routes, while allowing easy pedestrian access
  • Safety Products – include such items as warning stickers and cones, high viz vests, plastic chains and graffiti removal kits

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