What is the Best Used Car to Buy in India?

What is the Best Used Car to Buy in India?

Authorized dealers and online portals are the most popular places from where people buy used Volkswagen Vento in Bangalore India. However, what usually happens at these places is that there are so many used Vento cars available that it becomes confusing for the buyer. So how can you decide what is the best Vento car to buy when faced with this problem of abundance?

Year or Manufacturing

Most people will tell you that age of the car will determine its valuation. But how old is really old? A simple rule of thumb that a lot of people use is that a car that is less than 5 years old is a good car. However, if the car is more than 5 years old then you need to look carefully for damages and the type of use the car has seen. The older the car will get the more maintenance it will need.

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Kilometres Covered

A car that has covered more than 50,000 kilometres has seen quite the dirt during its life and should be carefully examined for its condition. However, if a 5 year old car has covered less than 50,000 kilometres then it is a good bet because the car’s engine has a lot more in it left unutilized. However, be careful to not fall into the trap of odometer frauds where the kilometre numbers are tampered with to get better price.

Type of Usage

A lot of times the car is bought in an individual’s name but is used for commercial purposes like cab services. At times, the car is used for business purposes ferrying things from one spot to another. In such cases, the condition of the car gets deteriorated. So a 2 year old car used for commercial purposes is not an ideal choice.


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