The Benefits of Renting a Motorcycle

The Benefits of Renting a Motorcycle

Reasons to Rent A Motorcycle

One reason to rent a motorcycle before you buy one is to test drive it and see how you like it.  It gives you time to try out the motorcycle for a weekend and decide if you really want to commit to buying one. You can test its safety, speed, power, and comfort. When you drive it, you will find out how it rides on long distances and in heavy traffic. These are all sound reason to rent before purchasing a motorcycle. Sometimes, families have relatives or friends visit from out of town that need to rent a motorcycle because they are fellow bike enthusiasts.  Motorcycle rental is a great option for experienced riders.

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If you are a motorcycle owner but are traveling to a different state or country, renting a motorcycle is the best choice for you. Renting can be for a few days or even weeks. Business travelers that are motorcycle enthusiasts often want to rent one to travel to a famous location or take a break from the company car. Added expenses, maintenance, and insurance costs could be something you cannot afford right now, therefore renting a bike may be easier.  Renting a motorcycle a few times a year gives you of the option of enjoying the ride without the purchase.

PowerSports of Croton offers motorcycles, ATV’s, and SKS’s rentals.  They have a special deal called The Weekend Pass from Friday to Monday for one low price. You must be 21 years or older and have a valid motorcycle license. Prices includes tax, damage, waiver, and fees. Motorcycle rental is daily or up to 7 days or more.

What You Need to Rent A Motorcycle

You will need an up-to-date license for motorcycles which is Class M. Sometimes you may have to take a test to drive one. Learn the restrictions of the state or country where you rent the motorcycle. In some states, youcan only drive the motorcycle in that state and not into the next one.  Smaller bikes are less expensive than larger bikes so know your budget and what you can afford. When you own a motorcycle your insurance often covers the rental of one. Always check with your insurance before renting. Always purchase rental insurance from the dealer when you’re not covered and don’t forget to include liability insurance in case of an accidents.

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