Spleen Removal; Reasons and surgery methods

Spleen Removal; Reasons and surgery methods

The spleen is a small organ that is located on the left side of your abdomen which is a part of the immune system which also helps to fight off infections while filtering damaged and old cells of our bloodstream. The process of spleen removal is done through a surgical procedure called splenectomy.

The removal of the spleen is problematic as it may leave you open to infections. Your body’s immune system will be weakened or compromised due to the removal of this organ. On account of increased chances of infections, one is directed to have yearly vaccines or prophylactic antibiotics. Prophylactic antibiotics are generally used to prevent the bacterial infection and cannot be used on existing infections.

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Spleen removal may be necessary for various reasons including – when a spleen is damaged by an injury, an enlarged spleen, rare blood disorders, cancer or an infection can be the reasons for the removal of the spleen. Blood disorder can cause a problem to the spleen as it doesn’t respond to other treatment and removal surgery has to be performed. Sickle cell anaemia, Hemolytic anaemia, Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, Polycythemia vera are the types of blood disorder which don’t respond to treatments.

Viral infection or bacterial infection may cause the enlarged spleen. The enlarged spleen traps an excessive amount of blood and platelets and it may result in destroying the red blood cells as well. An enlarged spleen leads to anaemia, infection and excessive bleeding. In some cases, it ruptures and can be life-threatening.

Ruptured Spleens are mostly suggested to splenectomy as soon as possible, this is on account of internal bleeding that may be life-threatening, the rupture may be the result of a physical injury like being in an accident or because of the enlargement of the spleen.

Cancer and certain other diseases can be seen to affect the spleen. These can cause enlargement of the spleen and can lead to the rupture, a cyst or a tumour may also cause the removal of the spleen.

During severe infection, antibiotics or other treatments may not be effective, this will lead to further serious inflammation and growth of pus. Removal of the spleen will be the only solution to treat the infection.

Spleen removal surgery in Indiais very much available throughout the nation. Spleen removal surgery or splenectomy may be performed by open surgery or by the laparoscopic method. The open surgery is the traditional surgery option used for spleen cancer. Here, the centre of the abdomen is cut open and spleen is removed by the surgeon. The incision is later closed using stitches. For cases where spleen ruptured or scar tissue from other surgeries is present, the open surgery method is normally used.

Laparoscopic splenectomy has a much quicker and less painful recovery time than the open surgery. Here a few small cuts are made in the abdomen and then a camera is used to project a video of the spleen onto a monitor. The surgeon will use small tools to remove the spleen using the monitor visuals. The incisions are later stitches by the surgeon.

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