Philanthropic spirit has nothing to do with how much you give

Philanthropic spirit has nothing to do with how much you give

We often wish that we could make a dent in the universe, change our lives and make people around us happy. And moments later, we resign from the world of wishful thinking and end up believing that there is nothing that we could do. We end up thinking that we need truckloads of cash to make a change. Or we end up thinking that we need to be in a position of authority to make an impact.

But is that really the truth? Are we blinding ourselves from what we always knew to be the truth? Remember that time back in school when you shared your lunch with your friend who couldn’t get their own. Or the time you spent some time with a friend who was feeling under the weather. Did you not brighten their world, even though it was for a few moments? If you were to see, you can make a change as long as you intend to make one.

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It’s all about the intent

Anyone can perform an act of philanthropy as long as they intend to do so. Philanthropic spirit has got nothing to do with one’s capacity to give, in quantitative terms. Because everyone can give. Prosperous are those people who choose to give. Because to give, be it time, energy or money requires one to believe in the goodness of the human spirit and to put faith in a better future for all. Philanthropic spirit doesn’t discriminate against anyone based on their bank balance, age, gender, race or geographical location. The only limiting factor is our belief that the magnitude of giving counts. Because it doesn’t.

A philanthropic act could be to pool funds for a cause – be it to ensure that all children get to attend school regardless of gender and financial background or be it measures to mitigate the sufferings of the Indian farmer or a philanthropic act could be to invest one’s time and energy for the cause. Anything ranging from sharing a post on social media, which enhances chance of attracting a donation by five times, to running a digital fundraiser for that cause are acts of philanthropy.

Crowdfunding- multiplication of the intent to do good

Among acts of philanthropy crowdsourced funding is an extremely effective one. Crowdfunding leverages the power of the collective to make a positive change in the life of a person, community or the entire society. Making an impact with a fundraiser can be as simple as sharing one on social media or making a small financial contribution through secure online payment gateways embedded on crowdfunding platform sites.  Crowdfunding also helps people to start a conversation both online and offline on how to alleviate human suffering and result in a pool of ideas that can treat the social issue at its root cause. Crowdfunding platforms allow people to be grateful about their own lives. The attitude of gratitude puts people in a position of power to take action and bring a positive change to humanity. Crowdfunding unite people from different backgrounds to come together for a common cause. Most importantly, crowdfunding reminds us that there is more than enough for everyone’s need and we are living in a world of abundant givers.

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