Gather as much information about the 18-wheeler truck as possible

Gather as much information about the 18-wheeler truck as possible

When an 18-wheeler truck or its driver is involved in an accident with a vehicle that you or your loved ones were traveling in, your immediate actions go a long way in determining the outcome any legal suit you bring against them. Like in any other type of accident, the rule of the thumb after a collision holds true, never drive your car off the accident scene lest you be accused of engaging in a hit and run. Even before calling your Texas 18 Wheeler accident injury attorney, pursue the following actions as they help cement a legal suit that you may file against the driver and the trucking company.

Your first response to an accident regardless of how minimal it may seem should be ensuring the safety of all the persons in the vehicle. Check the manifestation of physical injuries or shock and call the emergency 911 numbers in case of either. If possible, move your car to the roadside to clear traffic and avoid causing more accidents
Truck accident attorneys also advice anyone involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler to gather as much information about the truck as possible. For instance, capture the name of the driver, truck name and plate number, the trucking company name, and their insurer. They also argue that regardless of the liability side you fall on, try keeping cool during your interaction with the truck driver and their representatives. Most importantly, never apologize for the accident as they may twist this may be viewed as an admission of guilt.

In addition to calling your accident attorney in Texas and vehicle insurer, call the police as they play a critical role in writing up a crash report. The courts and jury often tend to rely heavily on this in determining fault. An accident attorney can also help you order a free copy of the police report to help shape your case against the company.

Gather as much evidence about the accident as possible. For instance, take pictures of the scene such as the pictures of the crashed vehicles as well as relevant surroundings and road signs nearby. Record the eyewitness accounts and if possibly get their contacts and address information.

If you suffer physical injuries that require medical attention, be sure to keep all the records of medical expenses. These records should also extend to how the injuries and trauma suffered at the time affects your day to day life. For instance, does it prevent you from stepping out to and make a living, was your vehicle your source of income, have you missed an economically or non-economically rewarding venture because of this accident.

Truck accident attorneys remind you that not every person that approaches you after the accident is sympathizing with you. Some, like the trucking company’s insurance adjusters, will be looking to capitalize on your genuineness to tank your case and deny you claim. In such a case, only give them your account of the accident without going into details and avoiding their probing questions.

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