Fighting The Medical Device Manufacturer

Fighting The Medical Device Manufacturer

Every year thousands of patients die of complications due to the use of faulty medical devices and prescription of dangerous and prohibited drugs. Most of the times, companies get away without paying a single penny in compensation, largely due to victim’s reluctance in pursuing the case further, or may be the opposition party is way too strong to compete against. This is also evident in an IVC filter lawsuit, with a lot of reports being filed recently against companies selling defective and damaged products to customers. This small guide will help you find possible causes and solutions to such incidents.

Statistics reveal that doctors received $8.18 billion worth of gifts and other amenities from big pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturer alone in 2016. As you can guess this might be a reciprocal relationship where both of them are gainers, and customers end up being the losers.

Let me set an example for you. Suppose you are a candidate for IVC filters, that are set up in patients who are susceptible to recurrent deep vein thrombosis, or who have any sort of bleeding disorder. Now you went to your surgeon for a solution and he decided to set up an IVC filter within your body to prevent the clot from reaching your heart or the pulmonary vessels.

Do you think that these IVC filters used in your case and all other patients with similar complaints are manufactured by a single company? A big “no.”  In fact, there are hundreds of them;  all with their own products.

As you can guess, it is quite normal that product quality would vary from company to company. Now, it is quite probable that your surgeon at the hospital would opt for the most affordable options or companies with whom they have an excellent relationship. That does not necessarily equate to good quality devices for patients. Sometimes those companies sell cheap, faulty and damaged devices knowingly, leading to life threatening complications in patients. In short, patients get deceived by manufacturers.

What should you do now? We would suggest, do not buckle down under pressure and fight for your rights. File an IVC filter lawsuit against that greedy company with the help of consumer justice attorneys. They will bring those companies to court, fight for you, and ensure you receive proper compensation.

Now you might be wondering which company you should choose to cooperate with your IVC filter lawsuit. We say go for well-established attorneys’ like Saunders and Walkers P.A. without any hesitation. When it comes to legal fights regarding damaged or defective medical devices and dangerous drugs, no one can match the pedigree that they possess. With an experience of fighting thousands of cases, they are the best fit to fight your lawsuit.

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