Detecting the common heating problems

Detecting the common heating problems

Chilling winter wind forces the common man to stay indoors until and unless your work calls you. Thus you can enjoy better warmth if your heating ventilation and air conditioning system is working properly. There are certain times when you find that Heating Service of your HVAC seizes to work. Every machine gives its indication about the nature of the problem which is responsible for the breakdown of the machine. Sometimes these indications could be in the shape of distinctive smell which the machine gives before finally seizing to work.

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Detecting the problems of the heating machine by the odor

  • Smell of rotten egg: If you happen to have the smell of the rotten egg coming from the heating system it is an indication that very soon your heating system will seize to work. The distinctive smell of sulphur coming from the machine due to the leakage of the gas from your heating system. The distinctive smell is added to detect the leakage in the system as the natural gas has no smell. You should ventilate the room by opening the door and windows and then call the professional to address the problem.
  • Dirty socks like smell: If you deduct the smell like the dirty socks, coming from the system it means that there are bacterial build up in the system. You can change the air filter and then run the system. If the smell subsides then it is ok if not then you should call the expert to address the problem.
  • Smell of burning metal: If you come across the odor of burning metal, it is an indication that the blower motor of the system is overheated. The overheating of the motor may result in the burning of the wire. You should immediately close the heating system and call the mechanic who can address the problem.
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