Cool Things to Do Around Bromo Volcano

Cool Things to Do Around Bromo Volcano

Mount Things to do around Bromo is a part of the Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park that covers a huge area of 800 sq km.

Standing majestically inside the huge caldera of the once historical Mount Tengger, Mount Bromo is encompassed by a vast stretching sea of volcanic sand that radiate a particular mysterious beauty. Mount Bromo and the Tengger region are also the home of the Tengger sub-ethnic team who still preserve their age-old traditions and lifestyle. Here, you can observe the identifying indigenous culture and traditions of the’Tenggerese’ for example their rituals and ceremonies.

Here are adventures you should not overlook to encounter while you’re around Mount Bromo:

1 | Hike and watch the magnificent Sunrise

The ultimate attraction, and also the reason people travel from far and wide to Mount Bromo, is its superb sunrise. From a vantage point on the nearby Mount Penanjakan, the sun climbs superbly over majestic Mount Bromo as its center, although the surrounding mountain ranges produce an almost surreal atmosphere

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2 | Jeep Adventure at the Sea of Sands

Stretching as far as the eyes can see, the desert-like Sandsea around Mount Bromo also offers another adventure. Since Jeeps are the only vehicles able to ride the steep terrain around Mount Bromo, why don’t you make the most of it and set yourself on an exhilarating off-road jeep adventure on the sea of sands? Many operators will gladly arrange an off-road tour around the mountain, so you have to get yourself ready and prepare to get an exceptional sensation.

3 | Horse Shooting at the Sea of Sands

Another excellent way to enjoy the sensation of the sea of sands is by riding a pony. You don’t have to be frightened even when you’ve never been on a horse before Since the owners often hold the horses at the lead rope.

4 | Sunset picnic at the Savannah

End a holy day with a calming, sunset picnic with the best views of character on the other side of Bromo. Situated across the Sea of Sand on the southern side of the mountain, you can marvel at the vast savannah and take from the natural tranquility offered at this mountaintop. Lie down, unwind, and breathe at the beautiful new character around you, all on one’s own or with family members or close friends

5 | Join the Yadnya Kasada Traditional Ritual

Each Year, throughout the 14thday of the Kasada Month from the traditional Hindu lunar calendar, the Tenggerese conduct the Yadnya Kasada Ritual to honor Sang Hyang Widhi, God Almighty. Also Roro Anteng, the daughter of King Majapahit, and Joko Seger, son of Brahmana. On the day of the event, the audiences that have traveled together up the mountain, cast offerings into the crater of the volcano.

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