A Guide to the Rise of Cremation: What Brings Cremation a Lovely, Spiritual, and Environmental Option

A Guide to the Rise of Cremation: What Brings Cremation a Lovely, Spiritual, and Environmental Option

Cremation has been the fastest growing option for funeral homes for many years now, and it has only seemed to grow more as a wonderful choice. It is responsible and spiritual. It is also a lovely way to speed up the healing and allow a loved one to pass on peacefully and in the spirit of love.

But, what has made cremation so popular in the first place? How do families navigate through the funeral homes Houston to find a service that can fulfill their need for knowledge? The below is a guide to cremation in Houston- what it entails, what has changed, and how to make it an emotionally healthy option.

How to Cremate Responsibly

Placing aside other ramifications for a moment, cremation is environmentally conscious. It has far less of an impact on the environment by simply not designating new large plots for the sake of burial. It is also possible for caskets to pollute active ground water. Some grave sites have been known to affect ground water. The idea of taking up space for eternity is wonderful to some but also frustrating to others. Cremation allows one to pass on without cementing a physical spot in the world.

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The Church

The church has revamped its opinion on cremation at funeral homes Houston in recent years. This is largely due to an evolution in the social and political climate, as more and more people see cremation as a perfectly spiritual option. The Catholic Church, in particular, has dramatically relaxed its views on cremation and has removed any ban they had on the act. It’s a reinvigorating push for cremation as a viable option for Catholic families.

The Scale of Life

There is also an aspect of fullness in how and where people live. The Internet has left us more connected than ever before, in both good and bad ways. It has also allowed us to “spread our wings” and venture far off from a place of birth to both stay connected and live out dreams elsewhere. This classic “nuclear family” plotline has both encouraged and forced families to take a different approach in how and where they bury loved ones. The idea of staying in the same graveyard with loved ones of past generations has waned. Interestingly, cremation has become a de-facto choice for families who have spread far from home in pursuit of big changes in their life.

Focusing Where it Matters

Perhaps the ultimate support of cremation is the ability to allow families to focus on other perhaps more concerning matters. The questions of funeral homes Houston should not meticulously revolve around how to preserve the body or what shade of casket to buy. Many families agree that the decision-based questions should focus on spiritual harmony, establishing a ceremony, inviting people from all over the world, and cherishing the life of a loved one.

Cremation unburdens families who want to place their financial and emotional energy in a ceremony that is astonishing, placing the loved one on the pedestal they deserve to be.

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