6 Routines You Should Follow for Your Eye Health

6 Routines You Should Follow for Your Eye Health

We know that eyes are precious to us. However, taking care of them is not done keenly by most people. As a result eyes start looking tired, exhausted and aged quickly.

In today’s age, getting eyes strained is common and inevitable. This makes it even more necessary to take care of our eyes to prevent them from getting exhausted and eventually spoiled. Visit Dr Naveen Somia now to know how you can keep your eyes healthy.

Here are a few quick routines with which you can keep your eyes healthy and free from problems.

1. Pay Attention to Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes make skin around eyes saggy and flat. They are caused because of spending a long time in front of computer and TV.

Puffy eyes should be corrected as early as possible because once you become habituated to them, the condition becomes more and more intense. Apply ice cubes to puffy eyes and massage them for a few minutes to soften the puffed up skin around the eyes.

2. Apply an Anti-aging Eye Gel or Eye Cream

As you may know, skin around our eyes is super thin and delicate, more than the skin of the rest of our body. This is the reason why signs of aging appear first on the skin around eyes.

In that case, an anti-aging eye cream or gel can help prevent those signs of aging from appearing. However this cream or gel should be applied correctly i.e. gently and in a circular motion.

Apply the cream after washing your face with clean water at normal temperature. For best results, apply the gel two to three times a day.

3. Embrace More Tea

Applying tea mixtures topically to eyes can help keep them healthy and fresh rather than drinking tea. If your eyes have become puffy and irritated, applying tea blends offers them a fresh and youthful look.

You can try various tea blends such as green tea, white tea, rooibos, chamomile tea and more. They will help you combat various eye problems like puffiness and irritation, regain moisture and benefit them with anti-aging properties.

You can also make a quality addition by applying any tea blend available in the market having aloe vera, cucumber and seaweed along with tea. Cucumber is known for its cooling properties and tightens skin, while aloe vera helps correcting dryness and flakiness of skin.

4. Make Use of Natural Oils

If you don’t trust eye creams, you can try natural oils for your eye health. Natural oils are the best treatment for various eye issues.

For example, olive oil mixed with coconut oil helps lighten dark circles. This blend also reverses signs of aging. Applying this oil blend around your eyes should be included in your health and beauty routine.

Another recipe is coconut oil, tamanu oil and rosehip oil to keep your eyes fresh and youthful.

While trying natural oils for the first time, apply them only on a small patch of skin first and see the reaction of skin. If you experience itching or any other undesirable sign, turn to another oil or formulation.

5. Don’t Forget Eye Protection while Going Out

Sun’s UV rays are very harmful to our eyes, as they are for our skin. Wearing sunglasses is therefore essential while going out in the sun. This will prevent premature aging of your eyes. Applying an antioxidant formulation to eye area is also a good idea.

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6. Don’t Forget to Sleep

All your efforts to keep your eyes fresh are in vain if you don’t get enough sleep. Lack of sleep will form dark circles and puffy eyes making you look tired and aged. So, don’t forget to take adequate sleep every night for the sake of your eyes.

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