5 Reasons Why You Should Import ABoat To Australia Only Through An Authorised Dealer

5 Reasons Why You Should Import ABoat To Australia Only Through An Authorised Dealer

Marine brokers and dealers have the authority to sell particular brands of products in Australia. These products need to be compliant with Australian standards. If a product is sold through an unauthorised channel, the transaction is called ‘parallel or grey import’.

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On their face, parallel (or grey) imports seem very cheap. However, like most other things that aren’t actually true when they seem to be too good to be true, imported products may be far away from being cheap when it’s about compliance issues.

1. As an Importer, You are Responsible

You take various surplus liabilities by importing a PWC, boat or engine to Australia. You are personally responsible for all the compliance issues connected to the product.

In the situation of a failure, whether it is safety or associated to emissions or build standards, it’s you, as an importer, who is solely responsible for the compliance. If an accident occurs, the skipper and/or owner of the boat may have very serious responsibility under Australian Law.

So, think well if you are ready to take responsibilities.

2. Is it Safe?

Grey imports pose not only financial but also safety concerns for buyers.

Since these products are imported without the consent of the manufacturer, they don’t have the manufacturer’s warranty.

Grey imports may not go through the same vigilant safety inspection that products imported through authoriseddealers undergo. In other words, you are putting yourself and your family at risk.

It’s important to keep in mind that though the product may fulfill the safety standards in its country of manufacture, it may not necessarily meet the minimum safety standards in Australia, which are quite strict.

3. Is it Lawful?

Products are designed for particular markets (regions). Standards and specifications of each market differ from each other.

Products imported to Australia should be evaluated against the Australian Regulations and Standards.

According to studies, most of the products being imported currently are not compliant.

Australian regulations and standards have a great meaning. A non-compliant product should be considered substandard unless and until steps are taken to make it compliant.

4. What to Look For?

You should consider key compliance issues while assessing imported products developed for overseas market.

For Vessels

Electrical Safety Compliance:All electrical systems on the vessel should comply with Australian Standards and Regulations. Keep in mind that “Certified Safe” doesn’t mean compliant.

Build Specifications: Build specifications like safety compliance, build standards and floatation standards should comply with Australian standards.

For Power Plants (Inboard/Outboard Motors, Jet Skis and Electronic Equipment)

C-tick Certification under the Australian Communications Management Authority: This is a compulsory requirement for products sold in Australia.

For Trailers

ADR (Australian Design Rule) Compliance: A trailer is not allowed to run on Australian roads until it meets this rule.

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5. Why Choose an Authorised Dealer?

When you buy your new boat, engine or PWC from an authorised and trusted boat shipping services from Dazmac Logistics for example, you get the assurance that:

  • You will get full after sale support including servicing, warranty support and maintenance(Most authorised dealers and brokers are not allowed to provide after sale support such as providing spare parts or servicing to grey imports.)
  • Your product will comply with the specifications and standards unique to the Australian conditions
  • Your product will fulfill Australian Build Specifications including build standards, floatation standards and safety compliance.
  • All electric systems will meet Australian Standards and Regulations
  • All products will have C-tick Certification

Thus when you get American boat imports from Dazmac Logistics, for example, you get a great peace of mind that your vessel is safe and you won’t face any problem while running it.

So, make sure you remember all these points while importing a boat to Australia to enjoy your product.


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