2017 Toyota Prius

2017 Toyota Prius

The 2017 Prius hybrid brand includes a range of 7 models of cars, each with a bold and captivating look that creates an exceptional first impression. This powerful machine is worth every penny and here are some of the features to look out for:

 The Features.

  1. a)Eco friendliness.

The original design of the Toyota Prius was to reduce the environmental impact, and the 2017 Toyota Prius has succeeded in this mission through its electric motor. With a smooth aerodynamic exterior that smoothens movement and an EPA-estimated 58mpg that saves you money, this brand continues to exhibit exemplary performance. The latest Prius Prime plug-in has created quite a buzz in the market by being able to travel up to 25 miles exclusively on electric power.

  1. b)

The stylish yet comfortable interior offers enough space for stretching out through smart seats. A high-tech 4.2-inch Multi-Information display (MID) comes with customizable screens, and the Prius also incorporates a Qi- compatible wireless smartphone charging that keeps you powered up throughout the journey. Additionally, the 8-way power adjustable driver’s seat provides perfect lumbar support for all drivers.

 Prius owners have an opportunity get a view from above and get fresh air into the vehicle at the touch of a button thanks to the Moonroof. For a better driving experience, the steering wheel comes with Bluetooth, audio, and MID controls.

  1. c)Toyota Safety Sense.

With the 2017 Toyota Prius, safety always comes first. The TSS spots a Lane Departure Alert (LDA) that automatically detects lane markings and gives both audio and visual alerts on the MID screen. If the driver continues to move off the lane, the Steering Assist function in the car gently steers the car within the lane.

The Full- Speed Range Dynamic Cruise Control offers adaptive cruise control for drivers. By combining an intelligent camera and radar technology, the Toyota Prius maintains a predetermined distance between vehicles through automatic acceleration and deceleration.

In addition, this car comes with a pre-collision system (PCS). The PCS works to prevent collisions with vehicles and comes with pedestrian detection (PD) that works to reduce pedestrian accidents. Drivers receive both audio and visual warnings, and failure to stop activates an automatic brake system.

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